Servicing & Sanitisation Process for COVID-19

Protect yourself and your passengers
FREE with a service / Only £9.99 with an MOT
Normally £19.99

  • Total sanitation of your car interior and air conditioning system
  • Safe for all surfaces inc cloth, leather, metal and plastics
  • Effective against 99.9% of bacteria, yeast and all known enveloped virus including coronavirus (as at 1/6/20)
  • Air conditioning units are known for being places for the proliferation of bacteria, with carsan air conditioners can be sanitised at the same time as the interior as the fog will be circulated through the air conditioning system.
  • Fully conforms to BS EN1276,1650 and 1447 with a 90% alcohol content

Following Government guidelines, we have put in place a Safe, Simple and Convenient process, to protect you our customers and our staff against the virus.

We sanitise every vehicle handed over to us, we will only enter your vehicle with Gloves, mask and seat protection and we will also fully sanitise every vehicle before handing it back to you.

All payments for servicing and repairs should be taken over the phone, for large payments we may ask you for chip and pin payment at the dealership.

“Touch-Free” Collection & Delivery

  • Our driver will contact you before leaving to arrange for the key handover to take place safely and securely.
    Please remove your key from other keys to fit into our zip bags.
  • On arrival, our driver will put your key in a zip bag and sanitise your vehicle before driving away.
  • When your car is completed our service advisor will contact you for payment over the phone.
  • When we deliver the car back our driver will re-sanitise your car, your paperwork will be left on the passenger seat, the driver will knock and hand back the keys as agreed or post through your letterbox after sanitising the key.

Drive-In at the garage

  • You will be asked to park outside customer reception or in the car park at the rear of our garage.
  • As you enter reception please use the sanitiser and wait to be seen at a two-metre distance.
  • You will be asked to place your key in the gap in the screen and it will be sealed in a zip bag.
  • When the work is complete, we will contact you to take payment over the phone and arrange your collection time.
  • When you arrive, your paperwork will be left on the passenger’s seat of your vehicle and the keys will be placed under the screen for you to take.
  • All touch points in our reception area are sanitised at least every 2 hours.
  • If you wish to wait for your vehicle, we can take you to our showroom where we have set up separate waiting areas that are sanitised after every customer leaves, or we can advise on some nice walks around Buckingham.

Sanitising Process

When we enter your car, we will do so with a mask and fresh gloves and place a protector over the seat and a mat in the footwell.

  • Keys are kept in the zip bag.

We will sanitise:

  • All exterior and interior door handles
  • Steering wheel, gear stick, rear-view mirror and handbrake
  • Seat belt buckles, wiper and indicator stalks
  • Touch screen and associated buttons
  • All switches including mirrors, windows, lights and seat controls
  • All console and dash areas including the glove box handle


  • Our technicians will always wear new gloves and a mask while working in your car
  • Once your car is complete it will be passed on for re-sanitisation


Before you collect your car, or we drop it back to you we will be repeating the sanitising of your car as above.

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